This Restaurant has closed – October 26th ,2014- Opening soon  in same local Kitchen 73- Breakfast /Brunch restaurant in December 2014.

45 A Brunswick Boulevard
Dollard des Ormeaux, Québec
H9B 1P7


    One can say that there is no shortage of Indian restaurant in West Island, especially in Dollard des Ormeaux, which has its share of at least a dozen along Sources Boulevard alone. However, when the sign went up for Currientale (which replaced the locale that once housed Eggspectation and La Famille d’oeuf) my curiosity was tweaked. The red door against its black backdrop and the fonts of the sign above the door claiming it served Indian and Pakistani food transported me to a land of exotic spices.

I love Indian food and quite good at replicating some famous recipes, thanks to my Indian goddess friends and neighbors who have schooled me in the art of Indian cooking for last 20 years. I can make a mean Butter Chicken, among other things, but it is the authentic mix of flavors and spices of this faraway land and its spices like curry, turmeric,  coriander, cardamom, fenugreek and mint that I yearn for and crave so often. So one cold blistery night I dragged my entourage (Frenchie Hot Bunz and Brains) out into the cold night to sample some warm comfort food at Currientale.
Having just opened a few weeks and not having seen much in advertising for the place, I decided to walk in without reservations on a Saturday evening. Much to my surprise it was a full house packed with local Indian and Pakistani patrons, but the restaurant can hold over 30 people and the maitre’d was accommodating and found us a seat in the back of the restaurant in a well-lit little corner away from the crowd.
We were curious about their Manchurian dumplings, but wondered about the authenticity of the dish. Brains being a history buff and an avid Asian food connoisseur found it strange that an Indian restaurant would serve Asian dumplings and did not quite see the connection. So, we opted for our usual entrees of Vegetable Chana Samosas-filled with copious amounts of chick peas, Chaat Papri- which is a dish of crispy fried dough similar to dough used to making samosas, whole chickpeas, chili, yogurt, and sweet chutney, topped with Chaat Masala, which had the right spiciness of fire in your mouth and Papadums, which we never received. Entrees came accompanied by a trio bowls of hot chutney, mint, and yogurt. For our main meal, we ordered Chicken Chasni, which came in a light smooth creamy sauce with a twist of sweet and sour, but we failed to see the twist and found it kind a bland and mild, the Chicken Shashlik was tastier with its tender morsels of chicken perfectly flavored and again topped with this mix of chaat masala. Similar in taste to butter chicken. As sides we ordered tons of Naan bread and basmati rice. No dessert or wine.


I cannot say much about presentation when it comes to Indian food, as after a while it looks the same to me. I like places that serve the food in little plates, bowls, and copper pans in center of the table and sort of communal feast and Currientale does just that. Overall, we felt it was the same presentation all around and too much chaat masala toppings. The decor is modern with its white linen tables, dark wood comfortable chairs, and wooden flooring. The service is genuine and accommodating, although our waiter was a little inexperienced and quite busy with the crowd that night, he got our order wrong and forgot a few items, he had a hard time hearing us over the noise level.
The prices were descent starting at  $1.95 to  $7.95 for appetizers. Main Dishes ranged from $ 12.00- $14.95. They have a lunch buffet for $ 10.95. The cost of meal for three people came to under $ 60.00 not including wine, dessert, or tip. Parking is plenty and free. Maybe lunch buffet is worth a try.

Rating:Chef hatChef hat



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