Suite 701-Place d’Armes Hotel

Suite 701-Place D’armes Hôtel
701 Cote de la Place D’Armes/ St Jacques
Montréal, Québec
H2Y 2X6
Telephone: 514-901-1201
Reservations: Open Table
Chef Hats: 2.5
Cost: $ 91.41
Type: Restaurant Lounge

Restaurant Lounge Suite 701 situated inside the Place d’Armes Hotel is a great place to hang out for drinks or just a quick bite. It boasts having one of the nicest rooftop terraces, with an exceptional view of the Old Port. Having been opened now for many years, it is part of the Antonopoulos group chain of restaurants, which also owns Hotel Nelligan.

The façade and interior of this 19th century Neo-classical building is absolutely stunning and very romantic, and no doubt with a very European feel. Stepping inside, Suite 701 takes your breath away, with its high ceilings, white walls, dark wood panelling, pink neon florescent lighting, huge birdcage chandeliers above the bar and its white wispy sheer curtains covering its large windows. The place is spacious, yet chic, inviting and modern. The staff is uber friendly, fast, very accommodating and attentive. The young and pretty waitresses wore matching pink, purple body tight dresses, very sexy.

Suite 701 Bar

This evening my co-conspirator and I were indulging in a little inebriation. Suite 701 is an ideal place for just the task at hand. It offers many traditional martinis and a selection of familiar wines and beer at a descent price. It has an in house DJ who plays killer music, lots of new but lots of old favorites tunes for those old forty and even fifty year old something’s. You just want to stay and listen to the music which transports you back to the old days and another era. It also has a reasonably priced menu with all the French favorites like oysters, Tourchon de foie-gras, bavette, tartare, and some Italian dishes such prosciutto and melon, risotto, veal hamburger and ciabatta sandwiches. The menu is also fish and meat heavy, but rounded with some very good choices. This evening, was casual for us so we both opted for the Veal Meatball burgers with crispy pancetta, buffalo mozzarella and basil with a side order of fries.

Veal Burgers and Fries

The food arrived almost as fast as we had finished ordering, leading me to believe that they either have ESP or they are prepared them ahead of time. Nonetheless, they tasted fresh and not overheated. The hamburger consisted of a large ground veal patty topped with melted mozzarella and a crisp pancetta slice and a large dollop of tomato sauce between two large buns. The burger was good but I was not too impressed with the tomato sauce as it was tasted like it came out of a can and it was a little excessive and poured out of the sides as you bit into the burger making it hard to eat and a little messy. But the veal patty was tender, tasty and appropriately seasoned as an original Italian veal meatball. The basil instead of lettuce added a kick and originality to the flavor as well. This came with a large mound of fries and a side order of mayonnaise to go with the frites, which were also sprinkled with parmesan cheese. These were crispy and tasty. The meal and our wine and beer hit the spot, we decided to linger and listen to the music before heading for a walk in Old Montreal. It was kind of of windy this evening otherwise we would have moved to the rooftop terrasse. Inside we opted to stay in the warmth of the room and enjoy the ambiance with more drinks, move closer together on the comfortable lounge sofas and just chat and enjoy this time together in this cute romantic boutique hotel.
Suite 701 is a definite return to try more on their menu and the rooftop terrace on a warmer day.

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