Le Cheese Casse Croute

Le Cheese Casse Croute
5976 Avenue de Monkland (between Hampton & Royal)
Montréal, QC
H4A 1G8
Telephone :(514) 487-3316
Cost: $ 29.01
Chef Hats: 3.5

Le Cheese Casse Croute
Le Cheese Casse Croute

Sometimes you just crave cheese! Le Cheese Food Truck has got to be one of Montreal’s best food trucks and definitely the most popular since spring 2013. As of June 14, 2014 they have now opened up Le Cheese snack shop on Monkland Avenue, serving all their cheesy treats and you no longer have to chase down the location of their truck on any given day on Montreal streets when your cheese craving is very strong.

This was the case this particular night when Brains and I were in the mood for something cheesy. Having tried the grilled cheese from the truck at the Big food truck rally at the Esplanade of the Big O, last fall. I wanted to take Brains to try other items from their menu. I had heard their Mac’n’cheese was to die for.

So we headed to NDG on the trendy Monkland Avenue to try Pascal Salzman’s new shop. The place is unpretentious; a narrow local painted white with yellow hanging lighting and a huge blackboard on one wall.

le cheese 001
The decor is clean and crisp and not fussy. You will find a few long table and banquettes on one side and some tables for two under the huge blackboard that house their daily specials. On a busy night, seating may prove difficult. At the back is the kitchen with a counter where you can order your tasty treats that were brought to our table on this quiet night.

Le Philly
Le Philly

This evening we wanted to sample a few items. Their Mac n cheese was priority. I started with their cheesy creamy tatter tots and aioli sauce on the side, and Philly sandwich combo at $12.18. The tots were perfect crispy deep fried potato pockets but meltingly soft on the inside. The best I have ever had. The Philly sandwich came on a soft pannini with house coleslaw, not heapingly full but not messy either. The flavor was good and it did the trick. Satisfyingly enough.

Le Cheese Tater Tots
Le Cheese Tater Tots

We also ordered ¼ lb Mac n cheese for $ 4.35 that came in a takeout container, the smallest size .Their Mac and cheese can be ordered at three different sizes and prices range, $17.00 dollars for ½ lb to, 1 lb at $ 23.00 for those hungry eaters. Filled to the brim, it was enough for two people to sample. The Mac n cheese was delicious with pieces of bacon and peas, it was the right consistency. Light and not overly creamy, but the taste overwhelming good. Brains favorite is the poutine a must have for $ 6.96. Also served in a takeout container, it had copious amounts of cheese curds, the fries were not laden with oil, the gravy just the right amount.

Mac'n'Cheese- 1/4 lb
Mac’n’Cheese- 1/4 lb

What is great about Le Cheese is that you can have your favorites just the way you like them. Flexibility in their menu is optimal. They serve any of your favorite classic sandwiches, with choices of soup, salad, potatoes or pasta.
You can add to those, bacon, onions, pesto, steak or peppers, creating your own specialities. I say be creative, go all out and try something different. You will be surprised at the flavors. Anything goes at Le Cheese.



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