Pan Chanko Bakery Cafe & Restaurant

Pan Chanko Bakery Cafe & Restaurant
44 Princess St,
Kingston, ON K7L 1A4
(613) 544-7790
Cost: $ 38.99 ( tax & Tip) for Breakfast
Chef Hats: 4


On the Rock Star theme, a continuum of the article above, Pan Chanko Bakery was started by a true Rock Star.
Again I had stumbled across this place on my last visit here three years ago, when we walked inside to pick up some bread and to sample olive oil. I did not know its history until I started to do research this year after visiting for my second time. But I can tell you from the aura of the place it is that it is electric.

Pan Chanko was founded in 1979, by Canadian rock musician, Zal Yanovsky of The Loving Spoonfuls and his wife Rose Richardson after his retirement from the music industry. Established in 1984, it has evolved from a small bakery originally at Johnson and King Streets into an unmistakable landmark in downtown Kingston.

It was on a humid August day and dying from heat and thirst that we stumbled into Pan Chanko on our second day in Kingston to get some respite. I had read on the Zomato app on my phone that it served great breakfasts.

On my last visit here, I also didn’t notice the restaurant and fantastic terrasse at the back of the bakery which served food and drinks. What can I say , sometimes you are blinded by what is in front of you and you get side tracked by the task at hand. Today upon entering Pan Chanko a whole new world opened up. I discovered their gluten free and speciality products , their prepared foods and fantastic baked goods that are all beautifully displayed.


The aroma of vanilla and maple wafting through the air was intoxicating. I was getting hungry. So we got a seat in the tastefully decorated restaurant at the back. The waitress seeing I was parched quickly brought us some refreshingly cold water. We immediately ordered a cappuccino, orange juice and Arizona Ice Tea while scanning the menu.


I knew what I was going to order, the French Toast with yogurt and maple syrup. Thick slabs of Pan Chankos homemade toast bread, dipped in egg and cinnamon, topped with apple butter infused yogurt and maple syrup for $11.00. It smelled deliciously good as it passed by and filled the air with its aroma of sweetness; the plat du jour was selling like hotcakes. Although the presentation left much to be desired, the flavors were all there. You will not find any sides or garnish served with this platter. Sides can be purchased from 1.50 to $ 4.50.


Brains had the Carne Picante, chorizo sausage in a huge hamburger bun with lettuce tomato and bacon for $ 12.00,
She was in the mood for something with a kick. She was pleased with her order. Not overly spicy with just the right amount of chili to give the meat flavor. The fresh lettuce and tomato cooling down the flavors and adding sweetness to the plate. The bun was so fresh it practically melted in your mouth.


We lingered a while enjoying the remains of our coffee and juices. A quiet moment we enjoyed before our drive home. Pan Chanko left with a good impression of a good quality of life in small town Kingston and an eager wanting to return soon.
Pan Chancho Bakery & Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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