Pizzeria Piccante

Pizzeria Piccante ( Closed- Sept 2018)
3343 A – Boul. des Sources (Centennial Plaza)
Dollard Des Ormeaux, QC
H9B 1Z8
Tel: (514) 421-2111

Cost: $ 29.44-Take Out
Chef Hats: 4

Pizza has become my comfort food, whenever I need a quick bite or simply a quick pick me up. I celebrate the end of a hard week with a convivial meal, a few bottles of Valpolicella  and plenty of laughter. It has become somewhat of a routine for me as it is familiar and comforting. That being  said, it doesn’t mean that I am not be innovative or stagnant in my choices.  I do deviate  once in a while by trying  new thing and new places. As the ultimate foodie I am a discriminate  eater and difficult to please. What is good for the gander is not always good for this goose.

When it comes to pizza, I always try to find the ultimate perfect pizza. The crust has  to be a certain way, just right, not too thin nor too thick. I prefer chewy pockets of fluffy dough slathered in good pizza sauce , the sauce has to have the right blend of acidity and must come  from good quality tomatoes. It has to be infused with the right amounts of garlic, oregano, and spices .The topping are optimal, the freshest mozzarella di buffalo or fiore di latte, or any cheese that tickles my fancy “ du jour “ like blue cheese, goat, cheddar or a blend of Quattro formaggi. Of course there are some combinations of vegetables that mix well together with certain types of cheeses too.

I like creating the flavours of nations on mine, grilled veggies like red peppers, zucchini, eggplants, mushrooms, onions, raw or caramelized, garlic with olive oil or no sauce at all and just a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Arugula, spinach, prosciutto, blue, goat or feta, Meat lover’s pepperoni, bacon, and ground beef. The list goes on. I like to experiment till I find a mixture that pleases my palate.

At Pizzeria Piccante, you will find any of these combinations. Its opening at the end of June after an anticipating three month in the Centennial Mall in Dollard des Ormeaux is sure to satisfy any cravings. Their menu boasts some interesting pizza choices as well as great salads.Pizza comes in two sizes- Small and Large , the small are 11 inches and range in price from $ 11.00 for a Margherita to $ 15.00 for the gourmet plus . Larger family sized pizzas are $18.00 -$24.00.

Along with a good pizza a must sample is a side order of any of the Insalatas. I sampled the Insalata di Capri; it came with generous portions of mixed lettuce. The Capri had dried cranberries and goat cheese as a topping for $ 8.00. The Rustica is another good idea with a mix of greens, bocconcini cheese and prosciutto for $ 9.00, topped with their secret house salad dressing the combination is a divine for all those salad lovers. It doesn’t stop there, they have Nutella pizza for dessert for $ 9.00 and Di Mela with Apple & Caramel pizza for $ 10.00 which is a first for me as I have never seen it on any Montreal tables as of yet.




The original Pizzeria Piccante was situated in Laval, but it has since closed and has set up shop in the West Island. The pizzeria is owned by two brothers,who have twenty years experience in the restaurant business making pizzas. Having worked at the Brick Oven in Vancouver for many years is where they got the most arduous experience.

They really liked the feel of the neighbourhood and the great sense of community, and decided to set up shop here. “Everyone has been extremely friendly and we are happy to be part of the West Island community”.

Pizzeria Piccante is not a fast food delivery pizza parlour, the brothers want you to come in and enjoy the locale and their food in a relaxed convivial atmosphere. If you wish to eat at home you can always place an order and pick it up for take- out. Just give them a shout and they are more than willing to accommodate your needs.

All the pizzas are freshly made on the spot, not frozen or pre-cooked. Method of cooking used is a gas stone oven. Everything is made with quality ingredients, such as pure virgin olive oil, 100% San Marzano tomatoes and fresh good quality imported and local cheeses. You can also find pizza with truffle oil on their menu for those pure foodie aficionados. They are fully licensed and alcohol is moderately priced.

The restaurant is simple and very low key for now. They wanted to keep it simple, in terms of decor with nothing too fussy. The decor is minimalistic with a modern urban chic look. The lines are clean crisp and bright. The theme  is black and white . The writing is on the wall, you can check that out for yourself.  You will find a banquette along the window to grab a quick bite and a tables and chairs that can seat about 25 peoeple. The atmosphere is causal and  relaxed  the feeling is family friendly and convivial. But Pizzeria Piccante can also double as a great hang out with friends to grab a great pizza or even a dessert place for great dessert pizza and great coffee. Right now most of its clientele is the lunch crowd and it gets very busy.

I walked in the eve of Canada Day to get some good pizza, they were among a handful of places opened for business that day. The place was brimming with friends and family having a good time, the atmosphere was intoxicating and I felt like I was with among family and family. The pizza was really to my liking ,lacking none of the things I truly enjoy in a good pizza. the portions were generous, the service very friendly and accommodating, the  salads were huge. I was invited to come back, over and over again.

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