Dupond & Dupont

Dupond & Dupont
1297 chemin Canora
Town of Mont Royal, QC
H3P 2J4
Chef Hats: 3
Cost: $ 37.35 (for two, tax and tip included)

The start of most good things begins with a name. So I ask myself why name a restaurant Dupond & Dupont.
It sounds very French; a good idea in our lovely French city that often evokes Paris with its cafes and restaurants. Can it be the name of two owners who invested in opening the restaurant? Not in this case, it actually comes from the two identical fictional characters in the Adventures of Tin Tin, a lovable French Belgian comic series that most Montrealer used to watch when growing up. For those who may not know, they are the two incompetent detectives that provide some sort of comic relief in the series. A Laurel & Hardy team of sorts, with one discernable factor their funny looking moustaches. If we examine the series carefully, these two comical characters constantly undo each other with their repetitive actions and dialogue. If you have driven on the roundabout near the Canora Train station to get to different points in the city you have gotten confused at least once and driven around again in the most comical way. Every true Montrealer knows this.

Hence the name was coined by Madjit Goulamhoussen the owner of Dupond & Dupont. I understand full well as many years ago, I used to use this route to get to Outremont and then Downtown. I too have driven around in circles in the most comical way. It was then that I spotted the blue awning and sign for Dupond & Dupont. I admired the large terrace outside and the overall look of the place, very Parisian I thought and how I would like to be sitting there sipping coffee instead of having to rush off to work.

It seems to be more like a thoroughfare for me, instead of a town center in this sleepy community of Town of Mont-Royal and certainly not one that many people flock to. This epicenter does not have many restaurants or businesses but a handful .You can count at least four in the immediate vicinity. La Pizzaola on the opposite side in the old train station and Galo a few hundred yards away and Villa Armando on Graham and Premier Moisson next door to Dupond & Dupont. Not exactly a very hip neighbourhood in terms of Foodie standards, but then it caters more to the locals than to the masses.

What has always impressed me was the quietness of the neighbourhood and some days in my crazy world I crave quietness. If you are this type of person, you will like this place. Warning, it does get busy at lunch time with the crowds coming from the local businesses, but in the evening it is a perfect place for a quiet dinner and a tète a tète. After so many years of passing through, I decided to a stop in at Dupond & Dupont for brunch before heading home from an appointment I had in TMR. It was always a place I wanted to experience and upon entering the premises I was pleasantly surprised at its nice decor and its affiliation to Premiere Moisson.

The inside of Dupond & Dupont can best be described as casual-yet elegant with nice color hues and tones of blue, brown and beige, very soothing on the senses. The restaurant was indeed very quiet with just a handful of elderly patrons and one wait staff and a hostess. We got a window seat in the sunshine on a beautiful day, and we were served coffee and orange juice immediately.

The service was friendly and not at all rude, they were efficient in taking our order and speedy with getting our meal. My dining partner wanted lunch; I wanted a hardy breakfast with eggs. They were able to accommodate us.

I ordered an omelette with ham and cheese for $ 13.00. It came with a side order of fries and salad. My partner ordered a Croque monsieur Sandwich with turkey, which came with salad and fries as well for $ 12.00. The Omelette was very satisfying and tasty, a large mound stuffed with ham, Swiss cheese, mushrooms and a mix of onions and peppers. The fries were crisp and the salad had the right amounts of seasoning and was lightly coated with oil and vinegar. The Croque Monsieur was perfect; it came served on a fresh baguette from the Premiere Moisson bakery next door. It contained slices of turkey and plenty of melted cheese. The portions were generous and we got free coffee and tea refills. I really enjoyed the quiet atmosphere and we were able to think and talk quietly. After our meal before heading home we stepped next door to Premiere Moisson and picked up some foie gras and patisseries to have later on during the day for or tea time.

Dupond & Dupond may be a local hangout, but it is a perfect neighbourhood for those who want something different and very private. They are not only a breakfast or lunch place, but are now open on certain nights of the week for dinner. Check hours for opening. Parking can be found on the street on the side of the building.
Maybe you will have a few laughs going around in circles too, no matter what; you’re guaranteed to have a good time or at least a pleasant one.
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