Estiatorio Skara

Restaurant Estiatorio Skara
Quartier Dix 30
9190 Boul Leduc Suite 210
Brossard, Quebec
J4Y 0L1
Tel: 450-443-2226

Opened: April 2013
Chef Hats
Cost: $78.12- tax, tip included for two with cocktails

Quartier Dix 30 is not exactly a prime location for foodies to find their optimal restaurants. Usually these types of locations only have to offer the typical chain restaurants where tireless shoppers can find a place to rest in between their shopping expeditions or at the end of an exhausting day of walking around. But sometimes you may find the occasional independent place that has a little more to offer.
I had gone all the way to Dix 30 in Brossard to visit a food emporium called Valmont. Upon my arrival I discovered it had closed within a short span of under a year. Already there I decided make the best of it and visit a few other stores instead of heading back home. It must have been the hottest day of the century, as after two hours of walking around we were parched. My friend and I needed a place to rest our feet and soothe are parched soul. We looked up at the buildings in the center of the plaza and spotted a few rooftop restaurants and thought it would be splendid to sit up in the sky overlooking the plaza, having a drink and people watch on this beautiful day.

It is then we discovered Estiatorio Skara located in the center of the plaza on Leduc Street in the Quartier Dix30. Opened in spring 2013, it is a relatively new restaurant specializing in Greek and Mediterrean food. It offers a delicious variety mezzes, great cocktails and the fresh fish and grilled meats. Estatiorio Skara offers authentic Greek cuisine, in an absolutely beautiful stunning decor.The terrace transports you to Greece with its hues of blue umbrellas and white chairs and endless blue sky. For a moment you forget you are in a mall, until you look down or across and see the swarms of people and adjacent buildings.

Service and hospitality at Skara goes one step beyond normal. They are super accommodating. We requested a table on the terrace under an umbrella and although very busy they found a place for us.We started with a Long Island Ice Tea and Mojitos for $8.00 and did not have to wait too long.


They really quenched our thirst and were packed with alcohol. It was only four o’clock and we were feeling tipsy yet not too hungry, so we started with a small Greek Salad for at $14.00. A large salad will cost you $ 20.00, but is beyond generous and can be shared by two. It consisted of fresh hardy tomatoes, cucumber and kalamata olives and feta cheese. The salad was perfect; the tomatoes were ripe but not mushy. The cucumber was so refreshing and the feta and kalamata olives were a perfect blend.

The second mezze ordered was grilled Octopus for$ 20.00, which was also shared between two. It came with grilled red peppers, red onions & capers. My partner had never had grilled octopus and thought it was like calamari, to their surprise they really enjoyed the texture of the octopus, as it was perfectly grilled and tender, infused with lemon ,very tasty, served with bread, this was filling enough for two and too much for just one person.

Third mezze ordered was the Taramosalata- a puree of red fish roe for $ 11.00 served with baquette crisps. This was a creamy mix of puree that was not overly fishy and perfect served with baguette crisps infused with garlic and a touch of olive oil.
We loved this place. The crowd and the ambiance inside and out, we loved people watching especially the group of perfectly dressed twenty something’s who had amassed on the terrace for cocktails to celebrate a pre dinner before heading out to an event. Their semblance of Greek island tans and gorgeous swaying dresses reminded me of things we see only in the movies. Just watching them enjoy themselves was a pleasure in itself. Inside the decor is stunning, it has a romantic wispy feel with white sheer drapes covering the large windows, subdued lighting at the bar and wall to ceiling glass wine cellar. Beige and dark tones permeate the decor with large white columns that are tastefully done and not like those out of a scene of my Big Fat Greek wedding. No cheesiness here, everything is done with taste and class and the food is definitely a big plus. The flavours are delicate and lightly infused with mediterrean flavours of lemon and herbs but nothing over powering. I would definitely recommend Skara especially if you are in the area. It has got to be one of the better places in Quartier Dix 30 to celebrate or have a good meal and a cocktail or two on a hot day.

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