Bishop and Bagg Pub

Bishop & Bagg
52 Rue Saint Viateur O. / Clarke
Montréal, QC
H2T 2X2
Phone: (514) 277-4400
Cost-$ 68.15 (excluding tip)
Chef Hats: 3.5

There are three things this foodie likes. One is going to a place that has an interesting story/history. Places that are different in concept or design with a specific idea in mind and places that have created such a media buzz that people flock to it. Bishop and Bagg fall into all three categories.

A few times a year I crave the comfort and hominess of a pub. As a student I always found I could walk into a pub, strike up a decent conversation with the barman, eat some good grub and hang out for a few hours. It was definitely my comfort zone and Bishop & Bagg is definitely one of these places. Since its opening in 2014, it’s been on my bucket list for my annual pub crawl. I like going around early spring or fall, when the weather is just about right to sit outdoors or the weather is starting to get cold and the warmth inside is soothing,

What I like about Bishop and Bagg is that it is full of soul and comes very close to a traditional British pub right here at home in the heart of Mile End district. It is a fun and cool place to hang out and is not just for the locals. You can spot people from all over and some media personalities too, as we did on this day. The service, hospitality and warmth of the staff is great and they make you feel right at home. No pretentiousness here.

Bishop & Bagg is the latest venture by the guys behind Burgundy Lion Pub in St Henri, (Toby Lyle, Jean Michel Creusot, Paul Desbaillets, Will Allen & Steven Owen). It has all the winning formulas and more. The pub’s name is coined after the first Bishop of Montreal circa 1840 and Bagg a famous landowner in the Mile End district about the same era. More can be read about Bishop & Bagg on their website which a brief synopsis describing the mark they left on our city.

Bishop & Bagg Chef Pelo Tsavoussis has created food that fits the warmth and comfort of a rural English Pub. The menu changes constantly but you can find on their menu such items as Ploughman’s Lunch, Cornish Hens, Lamb Kebabs, BSB Rarebit, Bagg Burger, and Pork Belly & Bangers & Mash. Typical English fare with their special twist. Call it “Gastro pub” if you like, but they do not like appreciate the connotation; “it’s more likely really good home comfort food”.
They also have as a good repertoire of spirits, cocktails and beer, a must try is their Burgundy Lion Ale for $10.00 or Okanogan Spring for $ 6.96 which was sampled on this visit.


We started with the Lamb Kebabs for $13.00, which came folded into two thick pita pockets, these were really good, the lamb meat had the right blend of flavors and spices, it came with an iceberg salad that was a little too bland for this dish, a little more greens would have been suffice .

2016-04-24 20.57.53
Lamb Kebabs

The Jerk Chicken for $ 16.00 had the right amount of fire and heat but our dinner guest was not impressed. I think it was more a matter of taste and expectations than the real food as it tasted authentic, The Bishop & Bagg burger with cheese for $ 12.00 was delicious and very good, a large quarter pound of beef with fixings and a creamy potato salad with slivers of red onion and pickle ,perfect with the beer.

Bagg Burger
Bagg Burger

Everything sampled was up to par and above standard typical pub food. We could not ask for anything more except maybe more free beer, as we would and could have sat in the sun all day on the terrace people watching and talking.
Bishop & Bagg Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info – Zomato
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Bishop & Bagg Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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