Pizzeria No 900-Outremont

Pizzeria No 900
248 Avenue Bernard /Champagneur
Outremont, Quebec
H2V 1V6
Phone: (438) 386-0900


Chef Hats: 3.5
Cost: $ 60.84 (tax & tip included)

Pizzeria 900 on Bernard Street is not only a take-out pizzeria that makes gourmet flatbread for the locals; but it doubles as one of Outremont most affordable and coolest hang outs for the nouveau riche d’ Outremont et ailleurs. A big trend that has been going strong the last couple of years in many cities and in Montreal as well; is the plethora of gourmet style pizzerias’ popping up monthly. Like a decade ago when sushi shops became the big fad, Neapolitan pizzerias are the latest thing. I am not just saying that, it has been documented and a closer look at the situation will reveal I am correct in my bold assumption and predictions.

There have been so many new pizzeria openings in Montreal this year alone, to coin the famous words of Mark Twain “that if you throw a brick, it would surely crash through one of the front windows of one of them”. With more slated to open in the next year, the competition will be fierce. Only the most strong, most popular and those with a winning formula will survive. The results of this remain to be seen, but guaranteed the pizza fad will bottom out eventually too; like so many before them.

Pizzeria 900 may be one of those that will survive for a while and maybe end up closing some locations sooner than expected. Other franchise type restos have done just that this year due to high overhead cost and less profitability. Is it the cost of expanding too fast, being greedy and not thinking things through? It is a possibility, but in the restaurant /franchising business the more the better and this is a fact of life.

What makes Pizzeria no 900 so different from all the others is the owners experience and track record with franchises. The Pizzeria no 900 brand has been opening in various locations throughout the city this year and with another set to open in the Monkland village in February 2017; it will be going head to head with Pizzeria Baccaro on Monkland, and Pizzeria Melrose on Sherbrooke. All these pizzerias basically have the same formula when it comes to the type of food they generate. Is it bad marketing, arrogance or greed? Let the war of the pizza kings rage on, you will not hear me complain.

This foodie really likes the original Pizzeria No 900 on Bernard Avenue, not only for the quality of the food, but for its location. Attached to the Outremont Theatre, it is a perfect place to grab a pre-show bite. There is something comforting and decadent about hanging around the bourgeois class of Outremont on a Friday Night drinking a glass of Labrusca on any given terrasse of la rue Bernard, hobnobbing with “les riches” upper crust of Outremont after a long work week and feeling like a plebeian; even some of us are allowed to fantasize sometimes and this is my only respite.

Pizzeria no 900 on Bernard opened in summer 2014, by Alexandre Brunet who you may remember from the former Stromboli on Mont-Royal and who is also co-partner at Mangiafoco of Old Montreal. His partner in this venture is Dominic Bujold who owned this spot when it used to be Ian Perreault’s-short lived -Prêt a Manger. Here is the interesting part; her claim to fame is the Sushi shop franchise .Their goal upon opening Pizzeria 900 was to create good pizza at reasonable prices in a fast food style and to expand beyond the city limits. That is why Pizzeria 900 does not have much seating inside as it was meant to be more of a fast food/ take out kind of place. Their terrace expanded later when the demand was high, by adding the extra banquette style tables and expanding the terrasse.

The pizzeria is reminiscent of some Parisian eateries, with its emblematic writings on the windows and French doors than a typical pizzeria in Naples. Designed by Oliver Valiquette, Pizzeria No 900 won the design Jury award with its industrial design and sleek décor. It is narrow and long with white ceramic walls, mirrors and dark wood tables. The opposing wall is floor to ceiling windows lined with stools looking out onto the street and the terrace; where people watching is in order. The inside looks rather like a shiny gem than a classical Neapolitan pizzeria with its white & red checkered cheesy tablecloths and kitsch décor.

The terrace is a huge draw with large pots of flowers in summer and cedars in winter that light up for a festive Holiday theme. You can eat in unison with strangers or at a private table a deux ou a quatre. If you want action inside is the place to be as it is fun to watch the staff in action in this busy kitchen. Either /or, it makes for a great conversation piece and a good way to mingle with perfect strangers, as we did the evening.

The service is very professional and courteous; service is as fast as possible for a busy bustling place with lots of demanding clientele. One thing for sure, they are very accommodating and they will go one step beyond to make your visit special. A word of warning, they do not take reservations, lineups tend to be very long, especially in the summer. So arrive early and give yourself plenty of time if you need to be somewhere for a specific time. Otherwise, the wait is at least a half hour to 45 minutes minimum but it goes fast on a warm summer day.
The pizzas at Pizzeria No 900 are just the way I like my pizzas to be; puffy and chewy, not too thin and not soggy. They have substance with plenty of choices and variations of gourmet toppings. This evening along with our Labrusca we sampled two pizzas. The first pizza was a pizza topped with organic Salami, in lieu of the usual pepperoni for only $ 11.00 and the second pizza was the Prosciutto for $15.00.

We also ordered two glasses of Labrusca for $ 10.00 each before the pizzas arrived. Their wine list is reasonably priced and you can get a good bottle of wine for under $ 60.00. As well as wine by the glass, they also have beer and sodas, if you don’t want to spend too much on a bottle.
It did not take long to get our pizza, cooked at 900 degrees, done in 90 seconds. Both were perfect pizzas and exactly to our liking. It was a perfect crust, not burned on the bottom and not overcooked. The salami was definitely organic and free of nitrates as it did not repeat and no heartburn aftermath. The Prosciutto pizza was also up to code the fresh slivers of prosciutto were of best quality. We found all the ingredients to be of top quality and made with care .I was told later that the white pizza with figs, pancetta and goat cheese is a classic and original here and not to be missed. A return visit is warranted just to try it.
Pizzeria no 900 major sell is pizza, but they also have salads like Caesar or Arugula, Burrata and a Charcuterie platter as entrees. They have a dessert menu with all the Italian favs, as well as a Nutella pizza.
We really enjoyed our dinner here this evening from the conversation with people seated next to us, to watching people go by, to the conversation with staff. We also spotted an old friend walking on the street, called out, invited them over and had coffee and a long overdue chat.
The mood was festive and warm. The feeling was good for the soul and food heavenly. That is why I strongly recommend a visit to Pizzeria no 900, no matter its location. Make it special night and go all out to the limits, it will prove to be a great experience.

Pizzeria No 900 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info – Zomato
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Pizzeria No 900 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Pizzeria No 900 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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