Notre Boeuf de Grace

Notre Boeuf de Dame
5732 Rue Sherbrooke O./ Wilson
Montréal, Quebec
H4A 1W8
Phone: (514) 369-9090
Cost: 35.70
Chef Hats: 2.5


It is not burger week in Montreal, but one can enjoy a good burger at anytime. Notre Boeuf de Grace is a good contender and a good place to start. Aside from it being a trendy hang out located in the heart of NDG; it also serves a very good burger. Opened in Early 2015, it still commands long line ups and is as busy as ever.

The well thought out idea of Notre Boeuf de Dame is the brainchild of Mammad Abedi and Jonathan Dresner who also have Double Pizza and Kupfert & Kim (Toronto) listed a on their resume. Designed by Walter Qualizza who has also helped designed restaurants like Le Pois Penche, Apollo (defunct), Zibo and Vertigo and La Belle et La Boeuf. The theme is young and fun with a mix of eclectic décor, like chalk boards, brick walls and dark wood pub style furnishings. Do not expect the white antiseptic look found in many classic burger joints here; the feel is more gourmet gastro pub .Needless to say, all this comes at the expense of a hefty price tag for a burger, which can put you back from anywhere to $ 8.00-$15.00 and this does not include sides.

We dropped in on Notre Boeuf de Grace on the weekend while passing by the neighborhood and looking for a place to eat lunch. We were seated immediately, but near the door. The place was brimming with young families and people of all ages not only having burgers but also brunch. We had come specifically for the burgers but were surprised they served breakfast.

We got our menus immediately and ordered our drinks which consisted of Ice tea and a cola for $ 3.00 each.


We quickly scanned the menu and decided on starting at the basics with a B.G. (Bloody Good) Classique burger on regular bread for $ 8.00, a Dad’s burger for $9.00 which is the namesake of the last business that occupied this spot for years; so we wanted to pay homage. The Dad Burger was original and true to DAD’S Bagels Indian Roots, a 6 oz burger with Tandoori mayo, cilantro, cucumber, tomato and pickled eggplant.

The Classique was generic. The presentations of the burgers were a little sloppy, the bread was flattened and they kind of fell apart. We also ordered a side of fries to share, which also could have been better presented; at least they were crispy.



Eater BEWARE, they do not overcook their burgers everything is cooked pink as stated on their menu. You can opt out for the bread and have your burger wrapped in lettuce instead for those with dietary restrictions. The patties are made fresh daily and you can create your own with your choice of toppings and bread. You can also order patties to take home for $42.00 a dozen or $4.00 for individual ones.I was also not impressed with the quality of the meat, but then once you taste Angus meat you can’t go back.

Nonetheless, all that said, the concept at NBG is very cool and so is the décor. They make a bold statement with the black and red writings on the wall. The mood is festive and fun with loud music and I can see why many people may like it. Although the locale is a very narrow and does not fit many people; their terrasse in summer probably holds more people than the inside.


You can see this from the popularity among the family-friendly neighborhood of NDG, which for the last decade or more has become inhabited by a younger and artsy demographic. It is only befitting that they cater to neighborhood demands. This is obvious with the resurgence of hip businesses popping up in the stretch between Girouard to Cavendish. We can give NDG kudos for being innovative.

Notre Boeuf de Grâce offers a plethora of fare to satisfy all of its demographic cravings and also is drawing those from afar. It has liquor license and serves creative cocktails, beers and wine. You can also come for just dessert and coffee or ice cream and sit on the terrasse in summer. It is worth a stopover no matter where you live.


Notre Boeuf de Grace Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Notre-Boeuf-de-Grace Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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