Omnivore Tour

Omnivore Tour Montreal 2016
SAT- Société des Arts Technologiques
1201, Boul. Saint-Laurent
Montréal (QC)
H2X 2S6
Tel: 514-844-2033

The Omnivore Tour is a worldwide food event showcasing some talented chef’s from around the world with their food demos, culinary events and dinners. Founded by Luc Dubanchet, in Deauville France in 2006 the goal was to popularize foodies and non-foodies alike about local and international chefs showcasing their signature dishes as well as their talents. Via cooking demos and dinners the event exposes the chefs to the masses by getting them out of the formal kitchen to tell their stories.


In its 11th year running, the Paris Edition takes place this year on March 5th, and is returning to Montreal in late summer. Always looking for educational culinary events to attend in our great city, I attended last year Omnivore Tour in Montreal in 2016. The event is held in different locations but mainly at the SAT -Société des Arts Technologiques on St Laurent Street on the third floor which houses the Food Lab and the SATosphere. Behind the dark curtains lies an expansive spherical room that one would not know exists. The room is equipped with giant screens and cameras that pan on an island in the center of the room allowing the audience to get an up close personal view of what is being created. The experience is awe inspiring as though you are being transported to another realm. The room goes silent and the voices of the animators reverberate and encompass the audience, grabbing your full attention.

The SAT and the Food Lab has now become my go to place to learn about the latest in food trends and to experience culinary events by local chefs and visiting chefs alike.


The cooking demos took place over the course of the weekend on Sept 17 & 18, 2016. To which I only attended the Sunday morning edition. The first day had chefs like John Winter Russell of Candide, Leigh Roper of Foxy, Jonathan Rassi- of 400 Coups, Pedro de Artagoa-Iraja Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, Thomas Carney, Maggie Cloutier & Alexis Grison from Montreal Plaza, Daniel Burns- Torst-NYC, Juan Lopez & Samuel Pinard –Farine, Julien Burlat- Dome Sur Mer, Anvers, Belgium & Patrice Demers- Patrice Patissier, Montreal.
Outtakes from the Omnivore Tour 2016-5th Edition-Sept 18, 2016:
Marc-Andre Jetté from Restaurant Hoogan & Beaufort showed his speciality of cooking on charcoal. Showcasing his Carrot Salad grilled with Nantais carrots , fingerling potatoes and on a bed of pureed potato. For dessert Burnt Lemon custard.

Marc Landry from Landry & Fils showcased his complex concoction of traditional Quebecois Buckwheat pancake with crunchy molasses made the way our old ancestors created it. The smell of the sugar cooking permeated the hall and we learned the secret behind crunchie bars.

Jason Morris- of Le Fantome who had just returned from Japan brought us his knowledge of how to make perfect rice and a dish of Wagyu Beef make with seaweed brought back from Japan. He had to be the most interesting.

Daniel Eddy from Rebelle NYC made his Fluke fish Ceviche from Norwegian Flounder. Delicious!

Are surprise was we got to sample the food and take up close pictures of the food, once created.The rest of the afternoon had Aaron Langille-Le Diplomate, Adrien Renaud-Food Lab, Antonin Mousso Rivard-Le Mousso, Guillaume Foucault-Pertica Vendome France.

The line up this year had some amazing contenders and 2017 promises to be just as interesting. As this event gets popular each year, early bookings are a must. The demos are free, reservations are required and limited. All other dinners must be paid in advance. Your tickets are emailed to you, save your email as it is your passport to entrance into a technological advanced setting.



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