Spicy Grille

Restaurant Spicy Grille
4878 Sources Blvd/ Rue Ross
Dollard-Des Ormeaux, Québec
H8Y 3C7
Phone: (514) 542-1414
Cost: $ 95.06- for 2 separate dinners
Chef Hats: 4
Type: Indian & Pakistani Cuisine

There has been some progressive changes in the West Island in the last couple of months. The town of Dollard des Ormeaux has a new mayor after many years and the neighborhood has seen a resurgence of restaurant openings. Not that the two are related but what do I know, maybe it could be cosmic karma and destiny that the two are working hand in hand. I ‘m just throwing it out there. Let’s just say for the benefit of the community and the people who live here, this is always a plus and I am hopefully wishing the trend keeps up.

This summer, a Pakistani/Indian restaurant by the name Spicy Grille opened in the same mall that houses some of my favorites like Yuan Lei, 3 Maria’s, Pho Thanh and Aryana. Dollard has a large Indian and Pakistani community and some may say there is no shortage of Indian restaurants in the neighborhood. Another one is always welcome, especially when it is as good as this one.

In September, a restaurant called K –BBQ, opened in an old heritage building at 4337 St-Jean Boulevard, some may remember the little stone house that previously housed a Middle Eastern restaurant called Sequoia and prior to that a breakfast place. Now serving Korean BBQ type fare, a first in this neighborhood, it is run by a friendly and hardworking Korean family. So far after two months in business they have garnished great reviews.
The month of October also saw some re-openings of some favorites like Dunn’s Smoked Meat. Situated next to restaurant Gauca e Mole at the Marche de L’Ouest in a new locale that has been totally revamped with a new management team. The décor and restaurant layout is fun and cool, bringing back all the classic smoked meat favorites, good food and decadent desserts.

Also returning is Caribbean Tasty Treats, a great place for Roti and many Caribbean favorites. It has reopened after almost a long year hiatus, after being shut down for renovations, it is ready to serve the community again with its good inexpensive home cooked meals.

A second location of a Mile End favorite, the much-anticipated La Petite Addresse has opened in the old Fu Lam location at Sources/ Brunswick. Considered a gastro pub, with a seating capacity of 200 people, it serves all the typical pub favorites, their renown famous breakfasts and has a full bar service for those Saturday night revelers and drinkers.

Another opening or more like a big move slated for year-end, is Pastamore in Centennial Plaza. They will be moving from its present location in the Marche de L’Ouest to a more private affair in the Plaza. Extensive renovations are still underway, and a welcome contender after the closure of Pasta Tutti Giorni in the same mall a few years back.

All that being said, let’s go back to Spicy Grille, which I had the opportunity to sample a couple of times now and will definitely be returning on my next Indian food binge. The food is absolutely delish, the ambiance convivial and service accommodating.

The locale has been totally renovated in a modern theme, with bright optic cable pendant lighting, white floral tiled walls and flooring, white and black tables, chairs and banquettes.A small to medium space that can accommodate a little over 50 people, it is spacious yet cozy. Sitting at a banquette for a tète a tète dinner or lunch can be a private affair or choose a larger table for a meal among friends.

I liked the streamlined look and brightness of the décor at Spicy Grille, aside from the food and the aromas, you would never know you were in an Indian restaurant. There is no cheesy décor here of pictures of Mumbai plastered on walls, you will not find statuettes of Hindi gods, no old musty odors that linger in the furnishings, everything represents a modern theme, with clean crisp lines.

The service is efficient, accommodating and quick. Although service was not overly friendly and welcoming when we visited (our waiter did not smile, even when we joked he maintained a poker face) it may just be in his nature. Chit chat was far and little in between, but we received our meal in a timely manner and our requests were met.

On our first visit, we started our meal with Vegetable Pakoras for $4.49, a generous plate of about a dozen fritters, that came serves with mint yogurt and chutney in two heart-shaped bowls. Great presentation to start of meal, these were perfectly seasoned and tasty, not overly oily.

The second entrée was Chana Bathura for$ 6.99, served with two fried Puri’s and Chana Masala, a stew of chick peas. This had all the right flavors of turmeric, ginger, chili and garam masala, onions and tomato. Very aromatic and flavorful and perfect with the warm fried puri.

Our mains consisted of Butter Chicken -$10.99 and Chicken Tikka $ 12.99 and a side order of Aloo Goobi-$ 6.99, Naan and Basmati rice. This is a norm for us when we want to judge any Indian/Pakistani restaurant. A staple in our home, if we like it it’s a sure bet.

The Butter Chicken was perfect, mildly sweet and not acidic, we received a nice portion of boneless chicken cubes in a spicy tomato based sauce which contained the right amount of flavors. It was a perfect blend of tomato, ginger, fenugreek and onion. Very aromatic and tasty. I could not stop dipping the Naan in the sauce.

The Chicken Tikka, which was cooked in a Tandoori oven came served on sizzling hot plate and was just as flavorful. It was not overly dry, yet nicely crispy on edges, paired with raw red onions and a mix of sautéed peppers and cabbage. The Aloo Goobi, a side order of potatoes and cauliflower, was equally satisfying and tasty with the right flavors and a mix of herbs and spices.

On our second visit we ventured a little further but still along the same lines .We shared an entrée of Chana Samosa Chaat-$ 4.99 , Chana $ 6.99 . Malai Kofta $ 9.00 and a plate of Mixed Tandoori for $ 21.00 with Chai tea that was more than enough for three people.

The Samosas were small pockets of fried Chaat dough filled with potatoes, chickpeas and vegetables, deep-fried and served with two sauces of mint yogurt and chutney. A generous portion yet a smaller version of samosas, these were not oily or heavy. The filling was not overly spicy and lacked in flavor it was void of the aroma of ginger and coriander and did not contain any peas. I have had better quality elsewhere, but nonetheless were edible.

The Chana, a stew of chickpeas cooked in butter, with ginger, garlic, onion and Indian spices came served with two delicious warm deep-fried Puri’s. This dish did not lack in flavor, creamy and bold and full flavored, it was delicious and an absolute aphrodisiac with the fluffy pillow like Puri’s. We could not get enough of this dish and kept dipping our bread until everything was gone. This dish alone is filling and the puri were generous and larger in size than those served in most Indian restaurants I have sampled of lately.

A must if you are a cheese lover is the Malai Kofta. Rich and creamy cheese and potato patties cooked in a creamy sauce of tomato, yogurt and herbs. These were devoured quickly, we were more than full already and had still had one Main plate left to go.

The Mixed Tandoori Grill for two proved too much for us, it contained Chicken Tikka, Prawns, and Beef Shish Kebabs cooked in a Tandoori oven with Vegetable scattered here and there. A heaping mound of meat, we took two bites and tried to down it with our chai tea. We barely made a dent in the meal and decided to call it quits before we busted open at the seams. We couldn’t eat anymore and kindly asked our waiter to bag it so we could take it home.

As we were preparing to leave, we noticed a large crowd of brightly dressed late eaters of Indian or Pakistani decent who were sitting in the corner starting their meal. They were reveling in some of the dishes they had ordered. We looked at each other and knew that as the adage says, if they like it, it must be good for us too and we have definitely come to the right place.

I liked Spicy Grille very much, the price value is good, the decor pleasant, the service decent and the food of better and of higher quality than many of the Indian restaurants that line the street on Sources Boulevard. They also serve buffet lunch  from Monday to Friday and Weekend Sunday Brunch special for $9.99. Another reason to return. This one is a good contender and hope it stays for a while.



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