Burgers Again -Notre Bœuf de Grace-St Laurent

Notre Bœuf de Grace-St Laurent
3834, boul. Côte-Vertu/Rue Beaulac
Ville St. Laurent, Quebec
H4R 1P8
Tel: (514) 331-6933
Cost: $ 53.53
Chef Hats: 3.5

When something is good and trendy it catches on like fire. Notre Boeuf de Grace now has two more location, Downtown and the latest in Ville St.Laurent. Happy that one of my favorite burger joints opened close by, I jumped at the chance to visit a few months ago. I love this location, not only because it’s a 10 minute drive away, but because there is ample parking, it is spacious and has more seating. It is a fun spot with a particular vibe that is synonymous with the Notre Boeuf de Grace Restaurants where as soon as you walk in, you know you will have a great meal and good time.

Once a week, this foodie needs her protein and there is no shortage here. The burgers are still freshly ground and the bread is the freshest and tastiest ever. The menu follows same concept like the other location, where you can have breakfast, salads, all types of sandwiches, poutine, fish & chicken and other fast food classics. You can be creative and create your own burger right down to the sauce and preferred toppings. For those veggie aficionados, don’t worry, they have delicious vegan burgers, so it does not need to be all meat.

The décor here, also follows the same principal as the Notre Dame locations with its funky writings on the wall in black red and white. The furnishing are rustic and woodsy, which definitely emanate a pub feel quality to the atmosphere.

Good for all age groups, this location is busy with the lunch crowd in the day, but at night the aura is more relaxed. They have Happy Hour from 4-7 pm, where you get discounts of $2-3 off on pints of beer and/or your favorite cocktails.

We started the evening with Coronas for $ 7.50, which are reasonably priced and a great accompaniment with pub food. My choice this evening was the THOU SHALT BACON Cheeseburger for $13.00, which consisted of two 3 oz. beef patties, double bacon, double cheddar, ketchup, mayonnaise. The burger did not contain too much condiments, which I prefer. It may sound like a generic choice but it was delicious and hit the mark for that meat love in me. I especially liked the salty smokiness of the bacon. The hamburger bun was fresh and tasty as always.


The second burger ordered was a Classic DAD’s Burger – $9.00, it is a 6oz beef patty, with Tandoori mayo, cucumber, tomato, pickled eggplant and cilantro and a Poutine made with house gravy for $ 8.00.

The Dad’s burger should be your initiation to Notre Boeuf de Grace, not only because of its history and namesake, but because, it is refreshing and different.

The presentations are nothing to write home about, but the food is good and service friendly and quick and that is all we ask for.

As we were enjoying our burgers, we noticed a group of firefighters seated next to us receiving their order called Local Hero- so apropos I thought, it came served on a wooden plank, filled with burgers of their choice. We were in awe and mesmerized at their appetites Next time we will get that, we thought. Yeah right! I would be eating that dish for a month.


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