Most Memorable Restaurants of 2017

Montreal Foo Foodie’s Most Memorable Restaurants of 2017


This year had no shortages when it came to great places to dine in Montreal. With so many restaurants openings monthly, there is so little time to try them all. I got to visit some places that had been on my wish list for a while as well as some new comers to the Montreal dining scene.

I continued organizing dinners with my own group this year and took a walking tour of Little Italy. I made some good friends that are like minded through my dining experiences and we have much more planned for the New Year. I decided to start writing a cookbook and compile a list of my favorite dishes from around the world. I will be taking my writings to a different level in 2018, delving deeper into the history of food.

This is a list of all the places where I had memorable dishes that left me with a lasting impression either because of the quality of food, décor and hospitality.

The Best of 2017 Fine Dining:

Perles et Paddock-403 Rue des Seigneurs/ Notre Dame O.
Best Dish: Squash with Autumn Truffles
Best Cocktail: A Night in Tunisia
Best Décor & Ambiance & Best New Restaurant

Montreal Plaza-6230 St Hubert Street/Beaubien
Best Wine List
Best Entrée: Stuffed Zucchini Flowers
Best Dish: Cavatelli with Foie Gras

Pastaga-6389 St Laurent Blvd/ Beaubien
Best Biodynamic Wines
Best Dish: Pastaga Poutine
Best Dessert: Fig Panna Cotta

Le Fantôme -1832 Rue William/Rue des Seigneurs
Best: Tasting Menu & Innovative Cuisine

Foxy-638 Notre-Dame St W/Rue Richmond
Best Wine Bar

Best Japanese/ Izakaya:
Jun-I– 56 Avenue Laurier O. /Ave de l’Esplanade
Best : Sushi
Best Dish: Shika Ika

Imadake-4006 Rue Sainte-Catherine/ Atwater
Best Izakaya
Best Dish: Beef Tataki


Kinka Izakaya-1624 Rue Sainte-Catherine O. /Guy
Best Fun Pub & Atmosphere:
Best Dish: Gindara

Best Thai:
Pick Thai-5221 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O. /Northcliffe
Best Thai: All around/everything was delicious

Best Burgers:
Notre Bœuf de Grace-Cote Vertu Location

Best Porchetta Sandwiches :
Porchetta-887 St Laurent Blvd/Dante

Best West Island:
La Petite Adresse-3339E Sources Blvd. / Brunswick Blvd.
Best Gastro Pub

Avocado -270 Lakeshore Drive/Ave.des Lourdes (Pointe Claire Village)
Best Sushi

Spicy Grille-4878 Sources Blvd/ Rue Ross
Best Indian

Pho Thanh– 4858 Sources Blvd, /Rue Ross
Best Pho Soup

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