Kitchen 73- Good Spuds

Kitchen 73
45 A Brunswick Boulevard/Davignon
Dollard-Des Ormeaux, Quebec
H9B 1P7
Telephone: (514) 685-5773

Home Page

Chef Hats: 3.5
Cost: $46.47

I have to admit that this foodie is not much of a breakfast person. I like to linger at home in my pajamas, till about noon sipping on endless espresso and eating croissants till my body screams to go out for a walk in the sunshine. What I detest about having breakfast outside the home is the long line-ups and the noisy chatter of bodies crammed together eating their morning fare. Mornings are meant to be savored and enjoyed leisurely, especially on the weekends. For this I like the solitude of my home till I am ready and able to face the world outside.

A couple of times a year, usually for some special occasions, we do venture out with family for brunch in a hotel. I really enjoy these types of settings where the morning rituals are more relaxed., but then it only happens once or twice a year. There is always the odd time that I do go out to breakfast only restaurants with friends but sparsely. When the rare situation does occur, I base my choices on the type of potatoes the restaurant serves. Yes, I am a spud person. I prefer restaurants that serve mashed instead of hashed,

Some of my favorites are Allo Mon Coco, Cosmopolitan or L’Oeufrier. A couple of years ago, West Island got a new breakfast place called Kitchen 73. Located in Dollard des Ormeaux on Brunswick Boulevard in the old local that once housed Eggspectations and Currientale, it automatically became a popular spot on weekends with the locals and weekdays with business people. Since I am not a fan of breakfast, I left it on back burner to try at a later date.

One weekend at around lunch time, after running errands and doing our usual walk about we started to get hungry. Brains who is not a morning person had not had breakfast yet and so suggested Kitchen 73.So, we walked in to grab a bite to eat. The place had not changed much in terms of décor, since I was there last in 2010. We were greeted warmly and shown to our table and given our menu.

After quickly scanning the menu, we both knew what we wanted. We started with a blueberry smoothie, orange juice and coffee.

Brains went with the Crise Cardiaque for $ 11.73. It basically is a breakfast poutine with mozzarella cheese, hollandaise sauce and topped with her choice of scrambled egg. The hollandaise and cheese were a creamy soft heap that spilled over a bowl of hash potatoes that were seasoned with parmesan cheese. Forewarning, the dish is heavy and halfway through it she felt she was having a heart attack or semblance of it. But it is delicious, original and a nice twist on a Quebec classic. It is a must for the first timer at Kitchen 73.

I decided to have the Mont Royal, for $12.73 which consisted of two eggs, sunny side up, bacon, sausages, ham, hash brown potatoes and side order of toast. Brains loved her dish. It contained all the typical breakfast fare, done a la Quebecoise.



My breakfast dish although generic, had the best hash brown potatoes I have tasted in a while, the secret is a blend of parmesan cheese and garlic that make them flavored a l’Italiano. The sausages were also of good quality and I did not have a greasy after taste once my breakfast was done.

The service was friendly, courteous and quick. We were given coffee refills and soliticious service.

The only complaint I had that morning and what struck me immediately upon walking in, was the terrible smell that emanated in the entrance and throughout the restaurant. I am lead to believe that they were having problems with their ventilation system or they used to much parmigiana on their potatoes. Something definitely was burning and it was not the scented vanilla candles they were burning in the entrance to mask the smell. In fact, the mix of vanilla and cheese made it worse. It made me think twice about staying. But I am glad I did, as the breakfast was great and worthwhile. After a while we were not breathing through our nostrils any longer but just inhaling the food. Kitchen 73 is a fair bet.

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