3961 St Laurent Blvd, (Napoleon/Duluth)
Montreal, QC
H2W 1Y4


Cost: $ 59.36 (tax & tip included)
Chef Hats: 4.5

After eighty years in business Moishes is still one of Montreal’s premiere steakhouses and my proverbial favorite by a longshot. Without going into its long history as lots has been said about this restaurant over its 80-year history, its reviews have mostly been positive and consistent over the years.  Voted one of the worlds best Steakhouses by Forbes magazine, it even has its own Wikipedia page.From its humble beginnings to what it is present day, this foodie’s taste buds mostly do not fail her, but I can be rather subjective and particular at times. But Moishes still serves one of the best steaks in town. The service is optimal, the décor is classy and prices reasonable.

What has changed of late at Moishes, is the addition of a late-night menu for $ 29.00, starting after 9 pm. This is a fantastic idea, as many of the better restaurants in Montreal are doing the same these days to allow either more late-night dinners and a younger generation that otherwise could not afford to eat here to sample some of their fine meals. Even with discounted menu, you will still get free coleslaw and pickles before the meal, regardless of the price you are paying. A freebie of sorts.

My BFF had never been to Moishes and wanted to try it out last weekend when a group of our foodie friends were going for a late-night dinner. She asked if I would accompany her and I jumped at the chance as it had been almost 20 years since my last visit and I was in dire need of a little protein, a good steak and a night out on the town.  We arrived early and got free parking in their lot on St Dominique street. We walked around the corner and climbed up the stairs to the waiting area where we spotted our friends waiting for a table. The entrance décor has not changed much in the last 10 years. They still have their lit up faux Onyx bar and reception counter, some couches for seating and a menu with their original pricing dating back to 1938 behind a glass panel on the wall.



Once you pass the main entrance, you are in their opulent massive dining room with crystal chandeliers set atop a tin ceiling, paneled dark wood and brick walls and a plethora of mixed seating. The main dining room still holds a huge map of Montreal and some modern wall art. The room is expansive and noisy and any time of the day or night. Always filled with revelers of all age groups enjoying a convivial meal. The atmosphere may border on classy yet the feeling is casual and comfortable, not as snobby as one may think.

This evening our group got seated in the back-dining room which was a little isolated and private yet filled to the brim. Not any quieter than the rest of the place, the noise levels are quite high at Moishes and do not expect a quiet romantic night out.

Our waiter was not overly friendly or smiley but very professional and quick. He brought us our coleslaw and pickles immediately and took our orders. I ordered a glass of Merlot, Chateau Pey Latour, Bordeaux France for $ 15.50. Their wine list is mostly French and expensive starting at $ 60.00.

The late-night menu consists of a few Entrees like, salads, salmon tartare and chopped liver. I opted for a Caesar salad and my BFF went with her favorite, the chopped liver which is found exquisite. Another one of our friends had the salmon tartare which was good and to her liking.


For my main meal I had the Steak Frites Monte Carlo which is a sirloin strip steak, well marinated and superbly tender and delicious, with a side order of crispy French fries. This dish absolutely hit the spot and had to be one of the best I have had in years. Most of the table had the Rib steak, with a Monte Carlo Potato, which was as equally good. My BFF loved the baked potato that was scooped out of it shell, seasoned and refilled with cheese topping.


Our other foodie friend had the Rack of Lamb that consisted of 4 tender lamb chops, which he enjoyed immensely with the Monte Carlo Potato. Our steaks were made to our liking, based on our preferences and they came served as specified.

It was a no fuss dinner and we topped it off with coffee and tea which were included in price for $ 29.00. Service was speedy and there was no qualms or discussions about separate bills. Our waiter was ready with the terminal in hand to process our payments. As soon as the transactions were completed, we looked at our watches and noticed the time was approaching midnight. Like two Cinderella’s we still had the drive home, so we completed our drinks, said our goodbyes and spilled out onto the busy streets of St Laurent to watch for a few minutes the passerby’s who were just starting their evening. God! I miss the good old days. Not so bad for late -night dining, should try it again sometime real soon.

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