Trattoria Massi

Trattoria Massi Traiteur
48 Westminster Ave N,
Montreal-West, Quebec
H4X 1Z2
Tel: (514) 488-5525
Cost: $ 29.86
Chef Hats: 2.5


Trattoria Massi on Westminister road in Montreal West maybe familiar to the locals, but to the rest of the general population of Montreal it is not a usual area we would frequent to grab a bite to eat or venture with our friends for a happening night on the town. This Foodie loves to find quiet, obscure places that are not populated by the usual crowds. These days I stay away from the masses and the trendy places that permeate certain neighborhoods that have become so gentrified they are no longer recognizable to anyone who is 40 plus. Maybe I have become like an old crony who lives in the past of yesteryear always whining about all the landmark restaurants that have closed over the years and how good and special they were. Ah memories, we have to live by them!

Business and pleasure do sometimes take me out of my comfort zone and into town these days. With all the traffic and road closures, Montreal West has become a thorough fare for me on my way back to The West Island, as it probably is for many people these days. So often I take the back roads which lead me into Montreal West and Ville St Pierre to bypass all the traffic. It was such the day when I stumbled across Trattoria Massi.

Stuck at the train tracks In Montreal West, I had lost my patience and decided to turn right instead of left, to stop to grab a bite to eat in the area while waiting for the traffic to ebb. We found free parking immediately in a little lot not far away from all the shops. We walked down the street and after a mutual consensus settled on a little pizzeria called Trattoria Massi. Pasta and Pizza have always been a source of comfort food for us.


We were not too impressed at first upon walking in. The place was empty, the décor typical of a casual eatery with refrigerated food counters at the far end against the wall. The pizzeria also doubles as a caterer serving on the spot Neapolitan pizza and lots of Italian delicacies to take home.


After perusing the menu and looking at the refrigerated display counter containing a variety of pasta, salads and appetizers. We decided on two Arancini Siciliani as an appetizer, a Margherita Pizza for me and my sidekick ordered a medium portion of Tortellini Rose for $ 7.00.


We took a seat at one of the tables and within 10 minutes our young and friendly waitress came with our meal and drinks. The rice balls were warm but a little dry as they had been reheated and served without the extra Marinara sauce. Nonetheless, they were decent and we were starved.

The pizza was classic Neapolitan favorite, simply topped with cheese and fresh basil. The tomato sauce was homemade, with delicate flavors and not too acidic. It came topped with ample melted cheese was and fresh basil leaves. I enjoyed the flavors immensely.

The Tortellini Rose were as equally decent but would have been better if they were freshly prepared and piping hot. They had been reheated in the microwave and with not extra tomato sauce, a little dry, but edible.

All in all, we enjoyed our pit stop and after an hour we were on our merry way with less traffic in sight. I would recommend Trattoria Massi for their pizza alone, they are a good price value at $ 11.00 and very authentic. It is a good place to pick up food for a quick meal at home especially if you are in the area or live in the environs. As for the rest of us, a pit stop is plausible on the way home but these days with all the traffic the trek is just not worth it.


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