Like Pizza-West Island

Like Pizza-West Island

6-E Brunswick Blvd 9 (In Mega Center des Sources)

Pointe Claire, Quebec- H9B 2L3

Phone : 514-505-6699

Cost : $ 27.39

Chef Hats :2

  We are always excited in the West Island to get a new restaurant. These days many suburbs are growing exponentially, while in the West Island we are stagnating. There is always a trickle of some small Ma & Pa places that open with little fanfare. But that means others have closed in their places. To prove my point, since Spring this year, there has been at least three dumpling places that have newly opened within miles of each other and there is no shortage of sushi restaurants lining Sources Boulevard and St. Jean either.  

  Another trend in the West Island which has always been and will probably always remain, is their love of Italian restaurants. Since last fall we got Pizza Bros in Kirkland, Basilico in Dollard and Like Pizza in Pointe Claire. Its either Italian, Asian or Indian of course, BECAUSE OF THE LARGE Indian population.  I have been lucky enough to visit two of these fast food pizza restaurants in the last few months, Basilico, which is more of an Italian express take out counter/ caterer, was not yet visited. Since we are not big Italian take out food eaters in my home, it may be a while before we get there.

Pizza Bros and Like Pizza are very different in style to the stereotypical pizzeria we are accustomed to. The new trend in fast food is these days seem to be the fast food pizzeria counters, I do not mean pizza by the slice or point pizza as Quebecers call it. They are fast food type outlets that cook whole pizzas in less than 10 minutes in specialized ovens in front of you while you stand in line waiting. There is no table service with fat Italian hairy waiters called Guido, no checkered table cloths, no cheesy Italian décor or empty bottles of Chianti with candles as centerpieces. No wood fired ovens either but only gas or mini convention ovens. It seems they are moving away from the usual generic pizza parlor’s we have known so well over the years.

The wood fired ovens have been replaced by either colorful specialized individual counter top ovens for quick pizza cooked in seconds or gas oven pits that cook at very high temperatures and are more for the show. The pizza prep and menus have also changed, trying to accommodate a younger clientele or those with gluten intolerances and vegans. It seems there are more veggie options too being offered.

Like Pizza opened in May, amid much publicity, with a great social media campaign, long line ups and free pizza. Basically, the idea is simple, you walk up to the counter located at the back of the restaurant, (looks like any Thai Express counter), stand in line, choose your FIVE crust options being either traditional, wheat, gluten free, cauliflower, or broccoli. Then you choose your sauce, cheeses, proteins and vegetable toppings among the chafing dishes at the mis en place station like at Subway’s.

 The price ranges from $ 7.95 for a plain cheese pizza to $ 14.95 for an 11” inch seafood pizza. Pizza’s. The pizza come in two sizes, 8” and 11” inches. They also have a dessert pizza, sides like chicken wings and fries, and beverages.

I am all for innovation, the problem lies here, for someone, who is used to a traditional pizzeria this one feels too impersonal. Maybe, I like being served by fat Italian waiters, while I am sitting down. I like chatting up a storm about none sense in a loud festive atmosphere with cheesy table cloths, till I get enough and want to run out the door.  The space at Like Pizza is vast and cold, it has a warehouse type feel with tall ceilings, exhaust vents and lots of tables and banquettes. The décor is hip and modern, catering mostly to families. Unless, I am alone on a quick lunch or just picking up food, it is not a place you feel like lingering at. The service is fast but too fast food-esque for me, but then I am biased.

The service although good, is manned by an unexperienced young staff, who is more interested in getting the job done and completing their shift than schmoozing with the clientele. Even with lots of coxing, our server did not crack a smile and remained stone faced. He may have been shy, but the whole experience left me feeling meh… indifferent.

The pizza, that is another story. The dough actually comes out looking almost partially frozen or cold from the service counter, it is put through a press that looks like something to make Tortillas. Then topped with your choice of topping and cooked at high temperatures. The problem with this scenario, for anyone who has an inkling of the pizza industry or how pizza is made, it needs to rise in a warm area not only to get a softer dough, but also chewiness. The flattening process may be a new technique, but stretching it is always better.  The final product produced a pizza that looked misshapen and too flat. It basically stayed flat even after the cooking process. It lacked oomph and the portions were too small. With only two sizes, you can’t go any higher. Ordering pizza for a family or a bunch of hungry eaters can get expensive.

 You can also get two types of salad for $ 5.95 and$ 8.95, we opted for the Greek Salad to go with our plain cheese pizza and pepperoni and green peppers pizzas. The salad was edible, but nothing to write home about. I would not totally nix Live Pizza, it is great for lunch and it is probably better than other fast food places, it maybe worth a try for some. But to me, its still fast food.


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