Pizzeria Bros. ( Kirkland Location)

16952 Route Trans Canadienne,
Kirkland, Quebec
H9H 0C5
Tel: 514-726-6666


Cost: # 22.29( tax /tip included)

Pizzeria Bros. is not your typical generic pizza parlor which we have been accustomed to seeing in the past. It is a new wave of fast food pizza chains that have been cropping up here and there in the city. Fast food pizza, is not a novelty. Pizza is the quickest thing to make. It usually takes about 10 minutes to cook and I’m not talking about the frozen kind. We have all picked up that point pizza at the local food court at some point in our lives. But it’s pre-made and sitting under heating lamps and probably as dry as a brick. So how is this any different? How fast can it be? Well from start to finish a regular pizza parlor can have you eating a made from fresh pizza within 30 minutes. That is after your waiter or waitress has taken your order and served you. With this new concept it only takes about 10 minutes from ordering to serving and it takes under three minutes to cook your pizza. It is fast food pizza at its best.

Pizzeria Bros. opened its first location in Old Montreal on Notre Dame Street / St Laurent Boulevard in 2016. It served quick pizza to the lunch crowd working at the Palais de Justice and City Hall and a few passing tourists. Their slogan “Fresh Pizzas Faster Than Ever” provides a fresh thin crust pizza with topped with quality ingredients in a quick service setting. It satisfies your hunger while saving you time’. The idea came about when founders Patrick Dogniaux and Carl Sexton, who had many years experience in the restaurant industry and a passion for pizza noticed a shortage of fast-food restaurants specializing in Neapolitan-style thin-crust pizzas. They wanted to stand out from the rest so they created a revolutionary concept that has you creating your own personalized style pizza. The stores, more like fast food counters similar to the likes of Subway, Quiznos, Dagwood’s and others like Amir, Kojax, Basha, and so on and so forth. Have you lining up, choosing your toppings and crust and by the time you have reached the end of the line its ready! Their claim to fame is not only the speed of it all but their dough, sauces and dressings which are all homemade.

The concept has caught on and it seems to be very popular. A year later they opened another location downtown on Robert Bourassa St. in 2017, and began franchising. In September 2018, the third location opened in the West Island in Kirkland, off Highway 40 and St. Charles Boulevard. After sampling another similar restaurant in Dorval, a month earlier, it was befitting we give this one a shot. We headed down one Friday evening and found lots of parking in front in the newly developed strip mall that not only houses Pizzeria Bros, but a Favoris ice cream parlor next door and other newly opened businesses.

Newly constructed, with modern themes and décor, Pizzeria Bros was warm and friendly. The narrow restaurant had a few scatters of customers here and there but was not too busy.

What I found super cool about Pizzeria Bros. was the Red Colored Super High-Speed TurboChef ovens sitting on the counters behind the food prep counter. Turbo chef ovens have been in existent for a while and can be found in most every industrial kitchen, usually they are silver. But this was the first time I had seen these sleek looking models. These new ovens from TurboChef’s called Fire, are High Speed Pizza Oven ‘s that use patented technology to decrease the cooking time as much as 50% compared to the traditional cooking method of regular ovens or wood fired pizza ovens. The “Fire” can provide artisan hearth-style pizza in minutes, cooking at 842° Fahrenheit (450° C) it can cook a 14-inch fresh dough pizza in as little as 90 seconds, they are not only efficient, but great to look at and give Pizzeria Bros. the state-of-the-art look. I sound like a brand ambassador, but not everyone can purchase these ovens, they cost about $ 7000,00 each, I spotted 4- 5 in the store. This is not your mother’s pizza parlor, it caters to a younger and more modern crowd, of all ages, but with open minds. It is perfect for a new generation of people who do not have plenty of time to sit and eat. Or don’t want to wait too long for food.


The décor is not cheesy either, everything is done in wood themes, with white walls, wooden banquettes and modern chairs, and a splash green with plant on every table and walls. Everything has been well thought out, catering to a healthy generation, who are eco-friendly and are looking at more sustainable types of food.

The idea and menu are simple, you choose your dough, Traditional or Whole Wheat are $10.50, Gluten Free and Vegan Cauliflower are $13.50. Then you choose the sauce, the proteins, the veggies and the type of Cheese. With the option to add vegan cheese or Beyond Meat for a little extra. Their Signature Pizza start at $ 13.50 to 17.50, with Salad at $ 4.00 and cookies or cannoli for dessert. Easy enough.

I chose the from the Signature Menu, a La Bros Pizza topped it with Prosciutto for an additional $ 1.95, and a cola. My meal cost around $ 22.29. My dining partner, had the Smoked Meat Pizza called La Notre Dame, which was being showcased this evening and on special included a free cola or beer for $ 5.00. My sidekick loved her pizza, I have to agree it was delicious. My La Bros Pizza fared just as well, the crust was good, perfectly cooked, chewy and flavorful and toppings were fresh.

The hospitality and service were friendly and super attentive, my server, brought the pizza to the table and gave us two coupons to try free Ice Cream next door at Favoris, what more can you ask for. Even the other patrons chatted us up and asked how we liked our pizza. Never thought I’d see this in the West Island, two exits further down on Sources Boulevard everyone is grumpy. I guess we need to come here more often.

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