Restaurant Bar Focaccio

Restaurant Bar Focaccio

490 Michel Jasmin Ave/ Edouard Vii Ave.

Dorval, Québec

H9P 1C3

Restaurant Bar Focaccio, located on Michel Jasmin in Dorval near the airport not only caters to the local business lunch crowd and the occasional traveler, it is the perfect gem for West Island foodies who are looking for a traditional Italian meal to share with friends and family.

  Focaccio hits all the marks when it comes to a fine Italian dining experience without being pretentious.  Set in a modern ambiance it has an open concept kitchen , it is intimate, quiet and relaxing. Its indigo blue walls and white fairy lights will transport you into a magical fine dining food adventure. Its white tablecloth service and warm hospitality will warm your senses and your hearts. Focaccio is very spacious with a capacity of up to 120 people, and is perfect for corporate events. It also has a bar located on the side for a night cap.

 Focaccio came highly recommended for their pizza, pasta and meat dishes. Haven eaten a Focaccio a few times now, I can say that every meal was perfectly executed and never disappointing. They have a decent and affordable wine list, either served by the glass or by the bottle.

During our first visit, we started with a glass of Valpolicella and green house salad called Insalata Italiana. The green house salad contained copious amounts of green mesclun and arugula lettuce with the right amount of oil and vinegar and not heavy on the salt.

My dining partner had a soup of Tortellini in Brodo which hit the spot. For our mains we sampled the Alla Pietro Pizza which was delicious. The alla Pietro had the right amount of kick when it came to heat. It contained cubed of Italian sausage, onions and hot peppers. The tomato sauce authentic and fresh. My partner had the tortellini Romanoff which came with tomato sauce, mushrooms, vodka and cream. This dish was also perfectly executed and had the right balance of flavors.

On our second visit with our dining group, we sampled the Favorita pizza, which was a simpler version of the Pietro, minus the onions and spicy peppers. A good choice for those who do not like spice. Our friend Anna had Tutta Guarnita “All Dressed”, which she found very flavorful and to her likely . Our other dining partner had the Spaghetti Fruitti di Mare which she raved about. It contained, a good amount of seafood like clams, mussels and shrimp. Our friend Chuck had Shrimp Fra Diavolo . The shrimps came served in a spicy devilish tomato sauce and on the side a generous portion of green salad. He also like his dish and claimed it was one of the best he has had in a while.

 On our third visit we had a mix of items prepared by the chef, we started with big slabs of parmesan cheese, bruschetta, sautéed rapini and marinated mushrooms. We sampled for our main meal a Margherita pizza, chicken parmesan and tortellini rose. All the dishes were to our liking and beyond our expectations.

Service and hospitality were exceptional with all three visits. Friendly, yet professional. Prices are very reasonable and portions generous. They have a good wine list. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. The special perks of Focaccio is their shuttle service which picks you up at your hotel.

These days, Focaccio does mostly take out since they have been closed for indoor dining for the second wave of the pandemic. Focaccio also has free parking and is accessible by wheelchair, beats going into town for a good pizza. I would highly recommend Restaurant Focaccio. My experience here has been great, it feels like a second home. The food is delicious and the pizza out of this world. Can’t wait for it to reopen .

Note: Last visited in Sept 2020. All restaurants in Montreal have been closed since Oct 2020 due to Covid 19, the government does not allow indoor dining.


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