The Satay Bros.

Satay Bros.
3721 Notre Dame O. /Bourget
Montréal, QC H4C 1P8

Phone: (514) 933-3507
Cost: $ 62.35 (for two with tax & tip included)
Chef Hats: 3.5


Ever since I tasted the steamed pork buns at The Satay Bros stall at Atwater market three years ago, during my usual Sunday morning visits to the markets; I fell in love with Singapourian/Malaysian food. More specifically, I fell in love with the flavors that the Satay Bros. inspired and were creating in their small open stall located at the end of the market.
I knew it had to be good when I saw the amount of people that had congregated in front of the food stand. The surrounding picnic tables in front of the kiosk were full of patrons slurping delicious coconut milk laced Laksa Soups, and devouring small pocket of pork steamed buns infused with cucumber and coriander.
I stopped and sampled the Pork buns and since then I have been craving and dreaming of delicious Steamed Pork Buns and counting them in my sleep. Three years has been a long wait and I have been meaning to return with Brains who I knew would appreciate the food but fate only allowed me the chance now.
Meanwhile the Satay Bros. had become so popular that Alex and Mat Winnicki decided to open a second location in January 2015 at 3721 Notre-Dame St. W., a few blocks from Atwater Ave. in St-Henri.
It is not often these days that I am in the area, so I took the opportunity this year after our weekend getaway in the Eastern Townships to stop for dinner, after being stuck in traffic for hours and having to navigate another route home. I ended up passing through St Henri and suggested we stop for dinner.
Brains and I were not surprised to see that the place was very busy and bustling. We however managed to get a seat at the counter right in front of the cooks who were preparing the steamed pork buns. I was pleased as I love to watch and being in the crux of the action. Our little spot was the coolest place to sit as we were able to people watch and got special attention and fantastic service.

We started with a pint of Belgian Moon, pale ale with hints of orange and citrus which went well with our starters. Cool and refreshing the beer it hit the spot and quenched our thirst.


We started with Steamed Pork Buns for $9.99, two steamed buns with crispy sautéed pork belly, copious amounts of coriander and cucumber in light vinaigrette of rice vinegar.


Brains ordered the Gado Gado for $8.99 a plate of assorted vegetables like green beans, bean sprouts tofu and ramen noodles in Satay sauce. She loved the flavors and especially the sauce.

In addition we ordered the Satay Ayama for $5.50 a chicken Brochette with peanut sauce, which again did not disappoint us.


Only, it was not enough so we ordered another round of Steamed Pork Buns to satisfy our cravings and get our fill till the next time we were around here.
What Brains and I enjoyed the most about this location of The Satay Bros was the festive atmosphere. The place is not pretentious and appeals to the millennial crowd which makes it hip and cool. Decorated in red with red and white walls and Chinese paper lanterns, it may seem kitschy to some but it is vibrant and fun.



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